A cushioning technology... not just a cushion

The Wake&Wag dog bed’s innerspring is made from a soft, flexible engineered plastic that is formed into patented shapes for superior cushioning. Born from technology designed for the United States military, this material is not only known for bouncing back and resisting cuts, scratches and tears, it’s instantly and infinitely responsive to your dog's position, weight and pressure points.

Wake&Wag supports your dog's body in perfect alignment, provides a supportive and responsive innerspring and handles shifting without sagging or instability. Even "orthopedic dog beds" made of memory foam can’t do all that.

Don’t settle for a dog bed made of inferior materials. Get the Wake&Wag dog bed, and put some support under your pup.

The only dog bed you'll ever have to buy

Most dog beds aren’t built for dogs. They’re made with thin fabric covers and cheap foam that just can’t take the wear-and-tear, wet paws, shifting weight and everything else you and your dog throw at them. That’s why you end up buying a new one every year.

Wake&Wag’s barking up an entirely different tree. Our high-tech dog bed features materials that have literally been tested on the battlefield. In fact, they’re the same highly cushioning, long-lasting materials we make for blast-absorbing military vehicle flooring and combat training walls. That’s why Wake&Wag is for the life of your dog.

Cleanliness is next to dogliness

There’s a lot more sleeping in your dog’s bed than just your dog. Fleas and ticks love the warm, dark crevices in the traditional bed's foam core. Saliva, stains and moisture foster the growth of bacteria. Not only does this promote that “stinky dog” smell, it quickly makes the average dog bed unsanitary.

Wake&Wag dog beds feature a machine-washable cover and one-piece, odor and dirt resistant innerspring that is easy for you to clean. Break the “stinky dog cycle,” once and for all.